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TDO Group privacy policy


Updated:  1 November 2018

The TDO Group (“TDO”) includes the following companies:

  • TD Outsourcing Hong Kong Limited
  • TD Outsourcing Philippines Inc.

Protecting the privacy of the confidential information of our clients is very important to us.

As part of our commitment to ensuring the security of our client’s private and confidential information (and that of their clients), and to comply with the relevant Privacy Regulations in the legal jurisdictions of our clients, we have established and implemented the TDO Privacy Policy.

Collection of confidential or personal information

TDO does not collect personal information.

TDO is provided with personal information (or provided access to personal information) so that it may perform a variety of processing functions as requested by its clients.

Use of confidential or personal information

TDO does not use any personal information provided to it by a client for any other purpose other than to deliver the requested services to that client in the prescribed manner.

All personal information provided to TDO, or documents containing personal information produced by TDO, are maintained for a maximum period of three months after which it is destroyed.

All client template documents, instructions, procedures or similar (none of which are expected to contain confidential or personal information) will be retained on file while TDO continues to provide services to that client. At the cessation of services all such material is destroyed.

TDO acts on the instructions of its clients in regard to their confidential or personal information.

What kind of confidential or personal information do we hold?

The kind of information provided to TDO (and in some cases temporarily held by TDO) will vary depending on the nature of the processing function requested by its clients, but could include:

  • Names, addresses and contact information
  • Dates of birth, personal views and ideas
  • Details of family members and relationships
  • Financial, insurance and estate planning details
  • Employment, occupation and health details
  • Accounting and taxation details
  • Legal issues and matters in dispute
  • Commercial arrangements
  • Corporate details

Access to confidential or personal information

TDO clients may request access to all confidential or personal information that we hold in relation to their processing requests or instructions at any stage.

We will immediately act on any client instruction to update, amend or delete any confidential or personal information that we may hold.

Disclosure of confidential or personal information overseas

TDO’s processing facilities are based in Manila in the Philippines. As such all confidential or personal information provided to TDO will be disclosed overseas.


In the event that a client believes that TDO has mishandled confidential or personal information or breached the relevant Privacy Regulations they should lodge a written complaint with TDO.

TDO will respond to that complaint in writing within 30 days of receipt. That response will address the complaint and if the response is not to their satisfaction detail what further action may be taken with the relevant Privacy or Information Commissioner in the legal jurisdiction of the client and the legal jurisdiction of TDO (inclusive of relevant contact details).

Protection of confidential and personal information

TDO is committed to the safeguard and security of our client’s confidential and personal information and regularly review our security measures.

A summary of current security measures is maintained in the Security & Confidentiality section of the TDO website

Our people have the training, knowledge, skills and commitment to protect it from unauthorised access or misuse.

Any questions

If you have any questions in regard to our Privacy Policy or the processes we employ to maintain the security of confidential information please contact us at

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