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Online research services

TDO is available to meet all of your online research needs.

Trawling through the internet to confirm or compile data can be a timely exercise. We work with you to develop an efficient process to deliver what you need. We then allocate the necessary resources to implement the process according to your timetable.

While there may be a variety of applications for our online research services the key applications would likely focus on

  • Database review, or
  • Market research activities.

Use your in-house resources to complete this time consuming exercise or use TDO to complete the task for you. What is the best use of your internal resources?

TDO have strict internal privacy and confidentiality arrangements in place.  We are contractually bound to adhere to all relevant privacy laws and regulations in the jurisdiction of our clients.

What does it cost?

TDO’s services are covered under a concise easy to understand contract designed to protect your interests and ours. We offer a range of flexible pricing options to suit the changing needs of our clients.

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Do what you do best, TDO will do the rest.
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