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Security & confidentiality

The security and confidentiality of your data, your processes, your systems, your people and that of your clients is our highest priority.

The ongoing success of TDO requires a shared commitment to the security of data, the protection of confidential information and an obligation to comply with all applicable privacy laws and regulations.

Physical security

  • All TDO operators are subject to managerial oversight.
  • The TDO facilities in Manila are monitored by video surveillance.
  • TDO do not use external contractors to process work.
  • All work is processed in-house by employees who are subject to stringent confidentiality constraints.

IT network security

  • TDO’s computer network in Manila is controlled and managed from Australia.
  • Industry standard firewall protection is in place.
  • USB ports are locked on all computers.
  • TDO’s supervisors control the flow of work between TDO and clients.
  • Internet access is monitored and controlled through content filtering. This includes blocking access to webmail and particular categories of websites.
  • Client username and passwords are kept confidential from TDO operators.
  • Access to external email is limited to senior personnel. It is password protected and transfer is secured by SSL.
  • Secure file transfer via FTP is available.

Commercial considerations

  • The TDO Client Agreement specifically covers the joint obligation to protect the confidential information of the parties and to comply with all relevant privacy laws and regulations.
  • It is not in TDO’s commercial interests to use client information inappropriately.
  • TDO does not maintain client data – all client data received, processed and produced by TDO is maintained for a maximum period of three months after which it is destroyed.

TDO Group privacy policy

  • As part of our commitment to ensuring the security of our client’s private and confidential information (and that of their clients), and to comply with the relevant Privacy Regulations in the legal jurisdictions of our clients, we have established and implemented a TDO Group Privacy Policy. Read more
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