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Paraplanning services

TDO is available to meet all your financial planning paraplanning needs.

For Financial Planners we typically provide services in the following areas:

  • File Notes & Draft Communications – processing audio files using templates supplied by clients (or TDO)
  • Data Entry – updating Xplan data from Fact Finds (or similar)
  • Financial Modelling – using Xtools, Xtools+ and WealthSolver in Xplan
  • Review Documents – using a variety of templates and reports from Xplan and elsewhere
  • Advice Documents – using templates or Wizards in Xplan

For the last two items we develop documented procedures jointly with our clients to ensure we deliver according to their requirements.  We help with the design of the input (the processing instructions) and the output as required (content and layout).  When preparing Advice Documents we act under instruction, i.e. we do not develop the strategies.

All processing in Xplan is undertaken on our secure site based in Australia.

Complete all of your financial planning paraplanning functions in-house or get TDO to assist. What is the best use of your internal resources?

TDO have strict internal privacy and confidentiality arrangements in place. We are contractually bound to adhere to all relevant privacy laws and regulations in the jurisdiction of our clients.

What does it cost?

TDO’s services are covered under a concise easy to understand contract designed to protect your interests and ours. We offer a range of flexible pricing options to suit the changing needs of our clients.

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