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Document preparation services

TDO is available to meet all of your document preparation needs.

We use your templates and your formatting preferences to deliver documents to you in a timely manner. Our service standard is delivery within 24 hours with most documents being delivered within the day.

There are many applications for our document preparation services.

  • General correspondence and emails
  • Advice documents
  • Review documents
  • File notes
  • Legal documents
  • Meeting minutes
  • Records of discussion (interviews, forums and lectures)
  • Newsletters, client updates and communications
  • Business plans and reports
  • Instruction manuals

The choice is simple – prepare your documents in-house or get TDO to prepare them for you. What is the best use of your time?

Our services are easy to use.

  • Digital Dictaphone technology – capture audio and automatically send files via email or FTP
  • Mobile Phone technology – capture audio and send files via email
  • Scanned documents – send files via email or FTP.
  • TDO returns processed files via email or FTP

TDO have strict internal privacy and confidentiality arrangements in place. We are contractually bound to adhere to all relevant privacy laws and regulations in the jurisdiction of our clients.

What does it cost?

TDO’s services are covered under a concise easy to understand contract designed to protect your interests and ours. We offer a range of flexible pricing options to suit the changing needs of our clients.

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Do what you do best, TDO will do the rest.
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